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BPMA Energy Strategy

British Pump Manufacturers Association Ltd

On an Industrial site an average of two thirds of the electricity cost will be spent on running electric motors. Pumps, on average account for 32% of motor energy consumption. £74M has already been saved by users by fitting High Efficiency Motors and Variable Speed Drives to Pumps.

Pumps are an essential part of many process systems but are also an integral part of the services within commercial buildings and are the prime movers in the distribution of water for domestic and commercial use.

Significant opportunities have been identified to operate pump systems more efficiently, reducing energy consumption and running costs by 30 to 50%. Energy costs have become volatile with Oil, Coal and Gas prices at record levels.

The UK government has set an objective to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 20% on 1990 levels by 2010 with 60% reduction by 2050. It is estimated that over 11 million motors with a total capacity of 90GW are installed in UK industry which is about 40% of the UK’s total electricity consumption. With pumps comprising nearly a third of this there is considerable scope to reduce carbon emissions through measures to improve pump ‘system’ efficiency.

Pump Life Cycle CostsPump Life Cycle Cost

Energy represents 95% of a Pumps Life cycle cost so the opportunities for savings are substantial. The government is using a number of incentives to encourage attention to energy reduction; The climate change levy is a tax on the use of energy and since its introduction has increased the average electricity bill by 13% Climate change agreements have been put in place with 40 energy intensive industrial sectors. In return for agreed target milestones a reduction in the climate change levy has been agreed. Energy efficiency assistance has been granted to business through the enhanced capital allowance scheme in the form of 100% first year capital allowances for energy saving investments in approved efficient systems and equipment.

The British Pump manufacturers Association, its partners in Europump and the Carbon Trust have produced a number of guides and tools to use to reduce the energy consumption of pump systems.

These tools are not widely applied and through its Sustainable Energy Strategy the BPMA is committed to changing the habits of pump users in the way that they purchase and operate pumps so that their energy use is minimized.

The strategy will be delivered by the introduction of a BPMA education and supplier program which will promote and integrate the benefits of advanced pump and system design, testing, expert pump selection, installation and operation to minimise the energy consumption of pumps in use. Ongoing monitoring and validation of pump systems though their lives by auditing will be an important part of the program to maintain energy reduction benefits. In addition to training and approval of pump suppliers and users in auditing techniques a web site will be produced to disseminate best practice in the design, installation and use of pumps and pumping systems.

British Pump Manufacturers Association Ltd.

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