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Cheviot Compressor Services – New Modular Compressed Air Pipework System

pipework_system_largeCheviot Compressor Services have just introduced and new Modular Compressed Air Pipework System with high quality Plug’n Flow for distributing compressed air and it can also be used for certain inert gases or liquids.

This new Plug’n Flow Compressed Air Modular Pipework System gives outstanding quality thanks to top-grade materials and innovative production processes. Installation is easy owing to the lightweight material which can be processed well and the sophisticated component design. It has high temperature resistance and is robust and resistant to mechanical forces.

It is a very adaptable and can be used with existing pipeline systems.

The patented lock-in technology guarantees simple and secure installation. Subsequent modifications such as additional connections or ducting can be carried out at any time.

Exceptionally low pressure losses occur in the pipework thanks to coating on the inner surfaces of the pipes. The unique clamping technique means that connections cannot loosen of their own accord preventing leaks, thus eliminating energy losses.

The high quality of the materials and manufacturing processing the aluminium pipes can be expected to have a service life lasting up to 50 years under normal operating conditions.


  • The pipes are made from high quality aluminium alloy; chromised on the inside and powder-coated on the outside
  • Robust couplings made from technical polypropylene (PP); excellent also for oil-free compressed air
  • Seals made from Nitrile Rubber (NBR)

pipework_system_01 pipework_system_02 pipework_system_03 pipework_system_04

Cheviot Compressor Services offer installation by qualified specialists for a wide range of compressed air and gas installations.

Cheviot Compressor Services
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