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Delivering Subsea Engineering Hardware

PJ Engineering Products Ltd- A North Sea Oil and Gas Project

High-specification, anti-corrosive coating is applied to the anchor base

A North Sea Oil and Gas Project
PJ Engineering Products Ltd

Whilst the global demand for hydrocarbon extraction enters into deeper and more demanding subsea environments, the support and flexibility from the subsea engineering supply-chain is vital.

PJ Engineering Products Ltd operates to fully support major clients in subsea engineering operations, and this case study highlights one example of a project to manufacture anchor bases.

The project involved complex fabrication of several anchor bases, weighing 15 tonnes each, both square and circular, for use in the Forties Oilfield – the largest field in the North Sea. Tether bases are sunk to the seabed and act as anchors for ancillaries to attach to and be held in place against strong tides. This is done to ensure subsea oil and gas operations can be undertaken with minimal disruption.

PJ Engineering Products Ltd

The anchor base fabricated on PJ Engineering Products’ shop floor

The tether bases have to be manufactured to very high specifications due to the harsh environments they are subject to, thus involving complex and heavy fabrication. Add to this a requirement for anti-corrosive coating and Lloyds approved hydraulic testing, and the project becomes a complicated operation requiring close management and high quality engineering with no real margin for error.

PJ Engineering Products specialises in subsea engineering for the oil and gas industry. In particular, we offer specialist subsea engineering solutions for international suppliers of subsea oil and gas pipeline products.

We have significant experience in subsea fabrication, welding and machining. PJ Engineering Products manufactures subsea hardware and components, as well as providing subsea engineering designs.

Examples of our subsea engineering capabilities include:

  • Bend restrictors
  • Tether bases
  • Tether clamps
  • Friction clamps
  • Hang offs
  • J tubes
  • Spacer clamps and adaptors
  • Termination units
  • Flexible pipe-end fittings
  • Pull heads


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