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Dynamically-Positioned-Floating-Rigs-NewsOver the last decade the increase in deepwater oil and gas exploration and development resulted in an increase in floating rig contraction and use. As the majority are operating in water depths of more than 90 metres (3000 feet), dynamically positioned (DP) rigs as well as facilities and vessels that support the drilling rig also use DP systems.

The deepwater dilemma as quoted by OilPro only 12 months ago states: “The vast majority of non-jackup units built in the last 10 years have dynamic positioning because operators have demanded the technology. Directly correlated to this trend is the increased demand for DP technical staff. This has posed a dilemma frequently voiced by Lloyd’s Register Energy-Drilling’s clients: the lack of DP/PM experience due to the high demand to fill offshore drilling positions for newbuilds in recent years”.

To compound this dilemma is the fact that the oil and gas industry is experiencing unprecedented pressure on operating costs. Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems are designed to minimise fuel consumption and wear and tear on thrusters and propulsion equipment, and it is vital to the safe and economical running of a vessel that regular DP Audits are carried out.

Ensuring that floating rigs and all other dynamically positioned vessels are operating correctly and maintaining safe operating conditions for employees and the environment is a necessary and vital duty of operating companies. Annual DP Trials are an industry recommended requirement for any vessels using Dynamic Positioning systems for offshore vessels, drilling rigs, platforms, rigs and shuttle tankers – marine, construction, drilling and floating production vessels – but cost of these Annual DP Trials must be taken into consideration.

This is where we can help. Remote DP Trials are a new unique and innovative service only available from the market leaders DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS…

…the only Dynamic Positioning service provider able to offer these Cutting Edge Services.

Remote DP Trials – A New Cutting Edge Service for Cost Effective DP Annual System Tests – Read More >

Remote DP Trials will Save Costs by offering the Benefits:

  • Perform trials at vessels convenience, during idle or waiting periods.
  • Vessel crew perform the testing, vast increase in crew skills set & system / vessel knowledge.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Fixed annual fee per vessel per year.
  • Trials spread over 11 month period.
  • Trials implemented into vessels PMS – each test becomes a maintenance routine.
  • IMCA compliant using a 3rd party verification company.
  • DP & Marine Assurance Norway are the only experienced & established 3rd party remote trial verification company.
  • Annual trials report will look exactly as it does for single event trials.
  • Major cost savings – no need for a surveyor to attend. No travel, no visa, no stress.
  • Utilises time the vessel would otherwise be idle.

The system has been rigorously tested and proven in joint trials between Maersk Supply Service and DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS using remote communications.

DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS are market leaders in Remote DP Trials and are the only Dynamic Positioning service provider offering this unique and innovative service.

This is the way forward in an industry where operating costs are under extreme pressure…

The safe, efficient & cost effective Cutting Edge Service from the Market Leaders in Remote DP trials.

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DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS
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