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“Get up and Go” in Seconds with the SICK G10’s Super-Quick Mounting System.

A SUPER-quick new mounting design for the compact and tough SICK G10 sensor enables engineers to install new or replacement optical sensors wherever they are needed in just 10 seconds.

“SICK’s unique Q-mount screwless system means you can set up the G10 on its bracket with just a few simple clicks. Often multiple sensors are used in industrial automation applications [for example to control products on a conveyor system]. The G10’s simple design will save hundreds of maintenance man hours for a large facility compared to using conventional screw and nut fittings,” says to Phil Dyas, SICK UK’s industrial sensor specialist.

 SICK G10’s Super-Quick Mounting System

SICK G10’s Super-Quick Mounting System

The sensor’s rugged protective plastic housing is designed to take hard knocks in heavy duty jobs inside or outside and it is easy to integrate into most industrial, logistics or materials handling applications, and will be especially attractive where many of the same sensors are used together.

“The G10 also has hawk-eyes to ‘see’ objects clearly in spite of dirt, grime or optical reflections,” Dyas continues. “The combination of powerful PinPoint LED lamps and sophisticated background suppression software ensure high reliability and consistency of detection even over distances up to 1200mm. The bright spot is clearly visible and whether the environment is dusty or dirty, in sunlight or poor light, the G10 will deliver.”

The new SICK G10 is a complete photoelectric sensor product family, including proximity sensors, retro-reflective sensors and through-beam sensors. Available in both DC (10-30V) and AC (24-240V), and a large range of cables, reflectors and mounting accessories, the SICK G10 is ideal for a wide range of applications.

“Get up and Go” in Seconds with the SICK G10’s Super-Quick Mounting System.All G10 sensors are available with potentiometer controls used to adjust the sensing range and sensitivity. However, specifically with a view to the requirements of logistics automation, the G10 also offers the option to be adjustment free. This saves valuable time during installation – especially in combination with the Q-Lock system – ruling out subsequent, unintentional changes to the sensor settings.

The SICK G10 is immune to dirt, humidity and temperatures from -30oC to +60oC supported by the low maintenance optics, tough electronics and mechanicals. The bright indicator LEDs on the housing provide immediate status feedback, and the secure click through Q mount ensures 360o orientation for rapid alignment, saving set-up time and process down-time.

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