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Nitrogen Packaging of Bakery Products


The nitrogen packaging of Bakery Products can be greatly enhanced by the use of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) using nitrogen.

Nitrogen can be generated onsite for a fraction of the costs of using bottled or tanker delivered gasses. Using on onsite Nitrogen Generator from IATT Nitrogen Packaging of Bakery Products will improve product transportability, shelf life and product quality when delivered to the consumer.

Nitrogen Packaging for:bread-packaging-small


Nan Bread
Bread Puddings Nut Breads
Breads Pancakes
Buns Par-Baked Breads
Cheesecakes Pitta Bread
Crépes Pizza Bases
Croissants Pretzels
Crumpets Sponge Layer Cakes
Danish Pastries Swiss Rolls
Fruit Breads Taco Shells
Fruit Cakes Tortillas
Fruit Pies Vegetable Breads
Fruit Strudels Waffles
Fruit Tarts
Meringue Cakes

Nitrogen Gas Generators

IATT Nitrogen Generators offer you a less expensive, safe and environmentally sound solution compared to traditional gas tank/cylinder nitrogen gas storage.

The benefits of Nitrogen Generators include:

  • Reliability – Nitrogen generators are efficient and operate automatically
  • High Quality Nitrogen – High purity nitrogen gas and food grade nitrogen
  • Savings in Running Costs – Costs savings of up to 80% compared conventional supplies
  • Control Costs – no gas vendor price increases or contracts
  • Rapid Payback – low running costs
  • Safe Working – no high pressure gas cylinders or tanks
  • Improved Work Area Space – no hazardous storage areas needed for cylinders
  • Constant Supply of Nitrogen – no tanker deliveries needed – no downtime

Nitrogen Generators are available for small lab based systems, medium size applications to large plant system offering low and high flow capabilities.

IATT are Solutions Provider for gas generation plant and will handle your project needs from initial concept to installation through ongoing service and support.


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